Monday, July 14, 2008

The Library, My new place to hang out!

I've rediscovered my love of the library. To be honest, my husband and I both love to read and have been reading to J.W. since he was born. Now we are reading to his sister, Nan, as well. Over the past six months we have been taking the kids to the library. It has been so fun going through all of the children's books and picking out books to read to them. By the time they learn to read, they will both know their way around the library.

The people in the library are so helpful. I wish everyone were as helpful as the library workers. Not only are they friendly, but also they are very knowledgeable about many different subjects.

In the next few weeks, I'm going to make it a point to get to know some of the librarians and to introduce my children to them. I am going to encourage my children to ask questions and to ask for help.

Remember that the library is a great resource for information. Not only are there books to check out, there are also videos, cds, and movies. There are also computers available for surfing the internet or doing reports. The children's section of the library also has computer games for children to play. Our local libraries have wooden blocks and puzzles my children enjoy. Another library in our area has a play kitchen and pots and pans for children to use their imaginations.

The library is also a good place to teach your children manners. They must use their inside voices. No running or jumping or rough housing. It is also a good place for them to learn social skills by interacting with people of all ages.

So, if you haven't already gotten a library card, take a trip to your local library. Schedule enough time to browse around and acquaint yourself with all of the wonderful things available.

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