Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Resource to teach children to read

There's a fantastic website out there for children which helps to teach them to read. It offers stories and games in a fun format. Starfall.com is a great place to start teaching your children about reading and language arts. I do not remember how I found it but I am thankful that I did. My children love it. In addition to teaching reading and language skills, this site also helps the child become familiar with the computer. It is a GREAT help. My 5 year old son asks to play "Starfall". His little sister who is 2 also likes to sit and watch as he plays the games. In fact, she likes it as much as he does! Nan was a late talker, she knew and comprehended what was being said but she just didn't want to talk. I credit starfall for her interest in communicating. Her vocabulary has exploded in the last 6 months and I attribute that to the time that she has watched her brother play Starfall.

In addition to games, stories and movies, there are also printables with each lesson. You can reinforce what they learn while they are playing. If you are looking for a great activity to introduce your child to reading, this is it, visit www.starfall.com. Oh yes, and the great thing about this website is that for the basic information it is free. Yes what a novel idea a website that offers help to parents without charging something.

Recently Starfall added a Kindergarten curriculum that you can purchase. I have not purchased it yet but am thinking about it...at least the $35 annual fee for additional computer games and information. It seems like a bargain!

Good luck and let me know how you like it!

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